I don’t believe in good and bad people. I’ve grown tired of this terminology, which the religious right has used to oppress others, particularly the LGBT community. Instead of simply inverting the hateful paradigm and applying it back on the bigots (and thus perpetuating the original structure and delineation), I would rather destroy the system.

I agree with the article in that almost all the douchebags I know from college are nice. Then I graduated and realized that in the real world, the vast majority of douchebags are not nice. Having to distinguish nice and douchebag is a luxury of the privileged elite.

When the article says “nice,” it really means polite and condescending. I say “nice” when I mean kind. And I have never met a bigot which can remain kind indefinitely. The kindness is always a front.

I maintain that I have rid more homophobes of their homophobia by being nice to them than by calling them homophobes.

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